Christian Marclay



Current exhibition

15 March 2019 – 15 May 2019
White Cube Mason's Yard

‘Instead of paying attention to the faces of people passing by, I watched their feet, and all these busy types were reduced to hurrying steps − toward what? And it was clear to me that our mission was to graze the dust in search of a mystery stripped of anything serious.’ 
– Emil Cioran, Anathemas and Admirations (1987) Trans. Richard Howard
(quoted in Flights by Olga Tokarczuk, Trans. Jennifer Croft, 2017)

White Cube Mason’s Yard is pleased to present an exhibition by Christian Marclay. Featuring two new video works that reconsider the relationship between image and text, the exhibition foregrounds the role of collage, the readymade and the poetics of chance encounter within Marclay's wide-ranging practice.


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