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Anselm Kiefer ‘Finnegans Wake’ (2024)

This publication marks Anselm Kiefer’s monumental solo exhibition, ‘Finnegans Wake’ (June – August 2023), which completes a trilogy of shows held at White Cube Bermondsey, London. Reflecting the spiralling energies of the eponymous novel by James Joyce, Kiefer’s exhibition treated Jocyean language as a conduit for material experimentation, realising large-scale paintings and immersive sculptural installations.

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Darren Almond ‘Fullmoon @ Valley Floor’ (2014)


Fullmoon@Valley Floor (2014) by Darren Almond is an image taken in Patagonia under a full moon. Almond is widely known for his long-exposure ‘Fullmoon’ series which depict a diverse range of landscapes from around the world, blanketed by darkness yet illuminated by the light of the full moon.
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Antony Gormley ‘Body Politic’ (2023)


Body Politic was published to mark Antony Gormley’s solo exhibition at White Cube Bermondsey (November 2023 – January 2024). Conceived in close collaboration with the artist and his studio, this publication provides a comprehensive document of Gormley’s work in the exhibition, which sought to investigate our species’ relationship to its industrially made habitat and how, more than ever before, our need for refuge is in dynamic tension with our need to roam.
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White Cube has been publishing award winning monographs, exhibition catalogues and artist books since 1993. 

Conceived in close collaborations with the artists, its imprint is known for high production values, scholarly texts and unique designs. A full range of titles, including signed books, are available from our bookshop at White Cube Bermondsey.

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