Isamu Noguchi



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Upcoming gallery exhibition

Darren Almond, Isamu Noguchi and Virginia Overton

12 January – 19 February 2023
White Cube West Palm Beach

White Cube West Palm Beach presents a selection of painting and sculpture by Darren Almond, Virginia Overton and Isamu Noguchi, in which the artists have taken as their point of departure the broad theme of our relationship to landscape, and more specifically the material substance that underlies it. In presenting these works together, the exhibition considers the unique ways the artists have addressed the paradoxical nature of metal: its signification as an industrial and man-made material which overrides its origins as matter of the earth. Whether solid mass, flexible sheet or delicate leaf, each of the works harness the innate qualities of metals, and reflect the artists' approach to the medium as one capable of bridging the natural and the artificial, the ancient and the modern, the found and the fabricated.


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