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Mona Hatoum at the Bruges Triennial


13 April - 1 September 2024

Bruges, Belgium

Mona Hatoum will participate in the Bruges Triennial 2024 with a new installation work, entitled Full Swing. Located in the garden of the Onzelievevrouw psychiatric hospital in Bruges, the work invites participants to swing in a narrow underground passage that has been excavated from the ground.

This year’s Triennial focuses on the theme ‘Spaces of Possibility’, exploring the latent potential of Bruges, a UNESCO-protected heritage city where preservation remains central. Embracing concepts of sustainability and change, twelve international artists and architectural firms were invited to examine Bruges’s morphology and propose new spatial suggestions rooted in both the city’s present and envisioned future.

Reflecting on the Triennial’s theme, Hatoum commented: ‘I feel here the sky is very present because you have this architecture that doesn’t go beyond two or three levels at the most. So, the sky is always there in front of you, but also it is always reflected in the water. […] ‘Spaces of Possibility’, for me, has a positive ring to it. It feels like a space where there is hope, there is openness, and it seems to be very fitting at this time, because we have gone through years of restrictions and no possibilities.’

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