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Museum Exhibition

‘Kinetismus – 100 Years of Electricity in Art’, Kunsthalle Praha, Prague


22 February - 20 June 2022

Takis and Cerith Wyn Evans will participate in the inaugural exhibition at Kunsthalle Praha ‘Kinetismus – 100 Years of Electricity in Art’, a group show portraying the development of electronic art over the course of the last century. Works in the exhibition range from cinematography to sound art; from radiophonic and televisual art to kinetic, mechanical, and computer-based art. Takis and Evans use different machine-like aesthetics in their sculptural installations. The kinetic sculpture by Takis, Electromagnetic Sphere (1970), features a white sphere suspended from the ceiling by a wire, which itself dances around an electromagnet set on a floor-mounted black disk. The sculpture by Evans, In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni, 1997, spells out the titular phrase in neon hanging from the ceiling. A palindrome, the text can be read in any direction, following Marcel Duchamp’s idea of the viewer completing the work.

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