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Museum Exhibition

Cerith Wyn Evans and Damián Ortega at Lyon Biennale


20 September 2017 - 7 January 2018

Cerith Wyn Evans and Damián Ortega participate in the 14th Biennale de Lyon, taking place at la Sucrière, the Lyon Museum of Contemporary Art and the dome. Curated by Emma Lavigne, director of Centre Pompidou-Metz, ‘Floating Worlds’ explores the legacy and scope of Charles Baudelaire’s concept of modernity in the context of globalisation and mobilisation.

Cerith Wyn Evans sound installation work A = P = P = A = R = I = T = I = O = N is a new take on the mobile. Evans worked with English experimental music group Throbbing Gristle to create the installation, with the surface of the disc-shaped sound panels modifying visitors’ perceptions of this sculpture in motion. The installation transforms into a spatialised concert, an electric composition which remains in a state of constant renewal as visitors move about.

Damián Ortega presents Hollow/Stuffed: market law a sculpture inspired by TS Eliot’s famous five-part poem, The Hollow Men (1925), exploring fabric as a levitating material. The sculpture, based on a plastic model of a German Type XXI U-boat dating from World War II, is made from industrial food sacks filled with salt. Throughout the exhibition salt will be piling up on the floor, caused by a small hole in the lower part of the sculpture.


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