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Film Screening

Beatriz Milhazes Film Programme


24 April - 1 July 2018

In the Studio (2015)

5.38 minutes

In this film Milhazes talks about her studio processes, the techniques she has developed and the importance of collage to her practice.

Rio azul Unveiling (2018)
6.16 minutes

This film documents the unveiling of Beatriz Milhazes' work Rio azul, the first tapestry the artist has made. Milhazes talks about her collaboration with the work's producers, the influence of Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx and the relationship between tapestry and painting.

Rio Azul (2018)
6.34 minutes

In this film, Beatriz Milhazes discusses her work in the exhibition Rio Azul at White Cube Bermondsey. Milhazes talks about the process and forms of her paintings, the inspiration of Brazil's carnival and her large-scale tapestry and mobile sculptures.

Sundays from 2pm:

Zola Filmes
Arquitetura da Cor (2015)
47.39 minutes

This film, traces the development of Beatriz Milhazes' career through interviews with the artist, critics, colleagues, friends and family. Covering such themes as the role of abstraction, the decorative and carnival in her work, it includes shots from the studio, exhibitions and technician's workshops to offer up a picture of the artist's wide-reaching oeuvre which includes painting, collage, sculpture and printmaking.

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