Imi Knoebel



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Upcoming gallery exhibition

Green Flags

18 January – 11 March 2023
White Cube Hong Kong

White Cube Hong Kong is pleased to announce a forthcoming exhibition pairing two painting series in bright cadmium red by Imi Knoebel, the recent ‘Konstellationen’ (‘Constellations’) and the all-new ‘Green Flags’. Arranged on the wall like celestial bodies, the multi-part ‘Konstellationen’ series consists of monochrome shapes based on the artist’s 1975 light projections onto exteriors and interiors of buildings. Perhaps named for the afterimages they produce in the eye, the ‘Green Flags’ series are reminiscent of flying flags. Additionally, the exhibition features examples of Knoebel’s ‘Kinderstern’ (‘Children’s Star’), an unlimited edition begun in 1988, the proceeds from which go to a charity established by the artist and his wife Carmen that supports the rights of children around the world.


Once Upon a Time

8 February – 26 March 2023
White Cube Bermondsey

In conjunction with Imi Knoebel’s forthcoming exhibition at White Cube Hong Kong, the artist will present three new painting series and a never-before-seen installation at White Cube’s Bermondsey galleries. Made of thickly brushed acrylic paint on shaped brass, copper and aluminium panels, the paintings showcase the latest developments in the artist’s ever-evolving engagement with non-representational imagery. The installation reimagines and recombines forms Knoebel has used in the past and, like the exhibition’s title, ‘Once Upon a Time’, suggests a look back at Knoebel’s career as an artist engaged with pure abstraction.


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