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White Cube’s diverse range of limited editions includes prints and small sculptural works from renowned contemporary artists including Michael Armitage, Tracey Emin, Antony Gormley and Christian Marclay.

Editioned artworks occasion artists to collaborate with master printers and fabrication studios. With an aim to make artworks accessible to a wider audience, White Cube’s limited edition prints and multiples provide an excellent entry point for beginning or expanding your art collection.

Our editions are intended for your personal collection. To ensure that as many collectors as possible can enjoy the editions, we respectfully limit sales to one edition of each artwork per client.

Harland Miller, 3 WISHES 4 EVER, 2022

Editions are unique works of art, distinguishable from reproductions of pre-existing artworks. Individually crafted, every work in an edition has its own distinctive qualities, which may vary slightly across editions.

Print editions are two-dimensional works on paper, typically consisting of a number of prints made from a single plate. Each print is signed and numbered by the artist, serving as both a record of its limited quantity and authentication of the edition.

Sculptural editions, or multiples, are three-dimensional art objects. They may be signed, stamped or numbered. Where an edition is unmarked, your White Cube invoice acts as authentication of the edition.

Tracey Emin signs It was all About Loving you (2022) for White Cube Charity Editions. Courtesy Harry Weller.