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Doris Salcedo

La Casa Viuda VI

15 September – 14 October 1995


15 September – 14 October 1995

To make her work, Colombian-born artist Doris Salcedo salvages mundane, domestic items—such as pieces of clothing and furniture—and combines them with organic materials to form dysfunctional objects that retain poignant traces of their former use. At White Cube, Salcedo presented La Casa Viuda VI (1995). The title refers to the Colombian expression, la casa viuda, meaning ‘a widow’s house’, which is used to describe the homes of those whose family members have suddenly ‘disappeared’ as a result of political violence. Two worn, wooden doors were sawn in half and the pieces folded at right angles to each other, one half resting on the gallery floor. To bridge the angle of one of these bent doors, Salcedo used a rusty, metal seat, that once formed part of a child’s toy. This small chair was supported on the curves of two human rib bones, creating a sinister rocking device.

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