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Gary Hume

New Paintings

7 April – 13 May 1995


7 April – 13 May 1995

Gary Hume is best known for his paintings that use gloss paint on aluminium panels to present a visual vocabulary distinguished by a bright palette, singular and graphic imagery, and flat areas of colour. In the four paintings exhibited at White Cube, symmetry and mirrored forms are recurring motifs, both in the backwards writing that appears in one, and the Rorschach-style doubling up that flattens the pictorial space in others. In Four Feet in the Garden (1995), a stark lilac silhouette maps out the shape of four pairs of feet, while in Fairy (1995), crisp pastel green and brown blots resemble two wings; in Baby (1994-1995), a face emerges from a jet-black background to stare out with an unsettling, feline intensity, and in Funny Girl (1995), Hume blanks out the eyes of a ghostly face by filling in its nest-like eye sockets with two rounded, yellow birds. These lyrical paintings move towards figuration, but one that possesses an abstract impulse.

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