Artist profile

Josiah McElheny

Josiah McElheny combines his skills as an expert glassblower, which he honed for many years under the tutelage of European masters, with a playful approach to both the history of his medium and the history of ideas. His objects and installations, often based around historical events, seek to fuse materiality and thought in the experience of looking. In his early work, such as The Only Known Grave of a Glassblower (1994), McElheny explored specific moments in the history of glass. In recent years, however, he has embarked on a concentrated look into the legacy of modernity. A series of works about a conversation between Isamu Noguchi and Buckminster Fuller, during which they discussed a reflective sculpture in a reflective space, which would therefore cast no shadows and be totally self-enclosed, examines the possibility of realising a perfectly formed utopian environment.


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