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Current gallery exhibition

Rara avis, curated by Jerry Stafford

3 March – 8 April 2023
White Cube Paris

White Cube Paris is pleased to present ‘Rara avis’, a group exhibition curated by, Jerry Stafford, which brings together antiquities, artefacts and contemporary works of art sharing the subject of birds. Latin for ‘rare bird’, the exhibition title infers discovery and a sense of the wondrous or exquisite, but also intimates feelings of loss and lament.

Jerry Stafford is a writer, stylist, art director and dedicated avian enthusiast. Evincing his process as an ‘experiential bird watcher’, Stafford takes inspiration from the sensorial, immersive elements which permeate his natural surroundings. The curator’s lifelong fascination with ornithology is rooted in personal narrative; from the bird as a private symbol of escape from repression, to the myths of Icarus and Ganymede which coloured his adolescent dreams and fantasies. Taking this as its point of departure, the exhibition explores the avian as messenger and polysemous signifier through selected works spanning different cultures and moments in time.


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