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Virginia Overton 'Untitled' (2016)
Virginia Overton 'Untitled' (2016)
Virginia Overton 'Untitled' (2016)

Virginia Overton 'Untitled' (2016)


Virginia Overton
Edition of 20
Concrete, steel pipe and copper pipe
34.5 x 23 x 8.5 cm | 13 9/16 x 9 1/16 x 3 3/8 in.
Unique edition
Packaged in wooden case
Issued with a certificate of authenticity
Published by White Cube, 2016

Virginia Overton’s work often focuses on the physiological properties of sculpture; the effects of matter, weight, density and luminosity. Interested in repurposing and reusing existing materials, in this edition, each of which is unique, Overton marries two distinct materials: pipe off-cuts and salvaged concrete bricks.

The sculpture uses the materials’ own form, surface quality and weight to resolve into a composition which relies on balance and tension. As with many of Overton’s sculptures, this work can be seen as performative in that it harnesses what Overton has described as ‘the natural push and pull’ in the materials.

Composed of four separate elements, the work must be assembled by its new owner. Each edition is accompanied by installation instructions and a unique case made using recycled wood. 

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Virginia Overton

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