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Harland Miller ‘OUI’ (2023)

Harland Miller ‘OUI’ (2023)

Harland Miller
Edition of 50
103 x 70.5 cm | 40 9/16 x 27 3/4 in.
Signed and numbered
Published by Manifold Editions, 2023
Sold unframed

‘Oui’ is just a really positive word that you could reasonably be forgiven for wanting to hear over and over – better than ‘oh mais non!’ Like when trying to get lunch at two minutes past two at Brasserie Biron. – Harland Miller

Created through multiple layers of woodcut printing and hand-finished by the print studio, OUI (2023) pays tribute to Harland Miller’s formative period as an artist and writer in Paris during the 1990s. This edition serves as a continuation of Miller’s 2021 exhibition, ‘The French Letter Paintings’ held at White Cube Paris, in which the artist used single words, typically of one or two syllables, as a focus for gestural abstraction.

In a nod to Charles Dickens, Miller wryly reflects on his time in Paris as ‘the best of times and the worst of times’. Marking an emotional and artistic coming of age, OUI captures this duality, marrying the poetic with the punchline. As Miller expressed this: ‘I had wondered if it would be possible for people to feel the same way – to have the same connection and feel that their own personal story was just as effectively portrayed by one word alone, one short word, very short […] like YES!’

Through solid, chroma-rich applications of paint, OUI attests to Miller’s enduring engagement with the narrative, aural and typographical possibilities of language.

This edition is sold unframed and is available in two sizes: XL and XXL. 

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Harland Miller

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