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Darren Almond 'Digital Red' (2014)


Darren Almond
Digital Red
Edition of 50
Original lithograph / Photo lithograph printed on 300gsm Velin d’Arches paper
Each: 100 x 69 cm | 39 3/8 x 27 3/16 in.
Signed and numbered
Published by Edition Copenhagen, 2014

Focusing on the idea of time and how it is articulated through the language of numbers, Darren Almond’s series of prints Digital Red, Blue, Yellow and Green refers to the idea that numbers are the only ‘true common language’. 

Depicting fragmented digits in a utilitarian font, like those found in the urban landscape – typically in and around transport hubs, in their signage, timetables and clocks – the compositions uses partial forms which appear to scroll up and down on the surface of the paper, as if a flip-clock has been caught mid-movement.

The colours used in these prints – blue, white, red, green and yellow – are taken from Tibetan prayer flags and represent the elements, or Five Pure Lights, from the Dzogchen tradition of Bon and Tibetan Buddhism. Buddhist thought and practice, particularly that of Tibet and Japan, has been an important point of reference for Almond over the past decade.

This edition is available in four colour variations and sold unframed. For further information please contact us here.