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Christian Marclay 'Rriippp' (2015)

Christian Marclay 'Rriippp' (2015)


Christian Marclay
Edition of 60
Four colour print on Hahnemuehle Etching White 300gsm paper
Dimensions for the height of each edition are variable on request, each print having been hand torn by the artist.
Original paper size: 53.5x 78 cm | 30 11/16 x 21 1/16 in.
Signed and numbered
Published by White Cube, 2015

In this four-colour silk-screen print, produced to coincide with his solo exhibition at White Cube Bermondsey in 2015, Christian Marclay continues his long-standing focus on the relationship between image and sound.

The work features the word ‘Rriippp’, an onomatopoeic image lifted from a comic book. Treating the word as though it were a score, Marclay carried out the action it suggests and dramatically tore the print in half. We can no longer understand the full story, or the original cause of the sound. The work is to be framed at the original paper size, however, as though to emphasise the missing part. Only the word in the top half of the page remains from this act of defacement. Marclay employs the physical, even violent act of ripping as a creative mode of production, generating unique artefacts contra the seriality of printmaking.

This edition is sold unframed. For further information please contact us here.