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Cerith Wyn Evans '3.7.15' (2015)

Cerith Wyn Evans '3.7.15' (2015)


Cerith Wyn Evans
Edition of 50
Black an white silver gelatin fibre print
25.5 x 34 cm | 10 1/16 x 13 3/8 in.
Signed and numbered
Published by White Cube, 2015

Cerith Wyn Evans’s conceptual practice explores the way ideas can be communicated through form, incorporating various media including photography to create moments of rupture and delight, where desire and reality conjoin.

The title 3.7.15 marks the timestamp of the image, a recurring signature of Evans’s photographs. The phenomenology of photography, and Evans’s work with it, connects to his wider concern with accessing, as the artist states, ‘an image that thought gives itself’, what it means ‘to think, to pause for thought, to find one’s bearing in thought’. Evans attempts to disrupt existing systems of communication, either through the practice of subverting certain given material forms, by altering spatial-temporal coordinates, or by adopting a communal rather than a singular authorial voice. As Evans says: ‘Apparently, the viewer is mirrored in the vanishing point, and thereby constructed through it… yet here, we encounter something unlike a picture, more a frequency in the shade.’

This edition is sold unframed. For further information please contact us here.